first place.jpg
The 1st place: VUDU Camera
$ 30,000

Development: an application that makes people younger/older on live video.


The first of its kind, this product makes a person appear younger or older on video. Unlike similar products, like MSQRD, the application created by VUDU Camera is not a mask drawn in Photoshop or Apple Memoji, but it is rather photorealistic.

2nd place.jpg
The 2nd place: Cherry Compote
$ 25,000

Development: a service with API video2comics, which converts video into several shots/pages of comics. Speech is automatically recognized and added to the image.

The format of the videostories is one of the most sought-after, but people are also used to it: they are leafing through, without waiting for the end. The guys came up with a service that will help to hook and hold the user with the help of an unusual design.

3rd place.jpg
The 3rd place: Hack Crew

Development: a solution that allows you to analyze how many likes your image will receive on the social network Instagram.

The application recommends users filters and photos for social networks based on the analysis of followers. For example, if a person takes 10 of the same photos, or doesn't know which filter to apply, this application evaluates which ones followers would like.

4th place.jpg
The 4rd place: FARADENZA

Development: a project at the junction of beauty and smart filters. Combines the best (at the choice of the user) elements of a series of photos into one, getting the perfect image.

The women's team came up with a simple and very useful solution through which 154 teams bypassed. The girls noticed that even out of a hundred photos it is difficult to find the perfect one they want to post. Thus, they created a service that combines parts of photos into a perfect one.

5th place.jpg
​The 5th place: Oh My God

Development: FaceyBot is a smart Telegram bot that automatically beautifies the face fully to make it more attractive.

The developers sought to create a bot that not only smooths the skin, which is done in many free services, but also slightly changes features of the face. For example, it makes the chin already, reduces the nose, rejuvenates the appearance. At the same time, all these changes don't need to be done manually.